Auburn Testimonial – Tyler F.

I have used J constantly for the last 4 years. He has continuously provided superior service to my buyers in the greater Seattle area. I’ve used other inspectors in the past that have provided quality service but J. is the best. He not only inspects the home but answers questions and really educates the buyers on their new home. I have learned a lot from J. during inspections and look forward to continuing to do business with him.

Tyler F. – Auburn

Testimonial – Seattle

We found Jay through Yelp, and were really happy with the inspection on our future home. As new homeowners we weren’t sure what to expect. Jay explained the process and answered all our questions professionally no matter how silly it was.

He arrived a few minutes early to property on the day of the inspection. As he walked around Jay showed me possible problems and explained the details. He will also point out quality work and materials to you as well.
At the end of inspection he went through everything he had found answering any questions we had. We received our report three hours later via email in a full color pdf like the sample on his website. I would definitely hire Jay again, and will recommend him to friends.

Adam F. – Seattle

Seattle Testimonial – Lena E.

I was really impressed with Jay. He showed up on time and explained the entire process with me. He showed me the areas he was talking about and did a very thorough job of going through the entire house (he spent about 4 hours going through an 1100 square foot house). He was able to explain what the consequences of each problem would be and was incredibly knowledgeable about every part of the home. His report arrived just a few hours after he had finished the inspection, and he even called to check on us and make sure we didn’t have any questions.
As if all that weren’t good enough, he was cheaper than anyone else I researched. I will defiantly be using him again the future.

Lena E. – Seattle

Seattle Testimonial – Mack M.

A great home inspector: J Szczesny of 4 Seasons Home Inspections.
Many of my clients aren’t Yelp!ers, but every single one that has used 4 Seasons has raved to me about J.
As a real estate broker, I have complete peace of mind when my clients use 4 Seasons because J is thorough and I know I won’t get calls after closing from my clients that the inspector missed stuff.
By the way – J is one of the few professionals I know of that LOOKS FORWARD to continuing education classes! Personally, I think he should teach them . . .

Mack M, – Seattle

Seattle Testimonial – Lewis J.

I have used Four seasons to do an inspection on my home.  I wanted to find out early on what the house needed prior to possibly putting it on the market.
Jay was very thorough and very professional.  He pointed out things to me that I had no idea where there.  He also took the time to install a junction box that I needed where there was a faulty wire.  He definitely went above and beyond.
A few short hours after the inspection, I was emailed a copy of the inspection report and pest report with photographs and written details.
I was very impressed with the service and I will refer Jay and Four Seasons to anyone needing a quality home inspection or anyone purchasing a new home.  I will be calling him again to look at our potential new house.

Lewis J, –  Seattle

Advice on Structural Pest Inspections

(Article courtesy of the Northwest Multiple Listing Service.)

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) is receiving numerous complaints from homebuyers about unlicensed and inexperienced structural pest inspectors.  Many of these complaints concern inspectors that some of you are recommending to your clients.  A state law, designed to protect consumers, is very clear: anyone inspecting properties for wood destroying organisms, damage, or conditions leading to these pests must be licensed by WSDA as a Structural Pest Inspector (SPI).

Virtually all home inspectors report on one or more of these problems and require the SPI license. For example, if a home inspection report mentions leaky pipes, plugged gutters, poor ventilation or rot (damage), the inspector has performed a structural pest inspection. State law requires that the inspection be thorough and accurate and a readily visible Inspection Control Number (ICN) be assigned to it. If an ICN is not on the inspection report, it cannot legally be used for a real estate transaction.

By referring unlicensed inspectors to prospective homebuyers or by accepting an illegal inspection report, you place yourself in a potentially litigious situation. Don’t add this liability to yourself or your business.

The bottom line:

  • Inform your clients that most, if not all, “home inspections will include elements of a structural pest inspection and must be done by a WSDA licensed inspector.
  • Don’t recommend inspectors unless you know them to be a properly licensed SPI. It is illegal and unethical to do otherwise. After all, would you hire an unlicensed, uninsured inspector for your own home?
  • Better yet, direct clients to WSDA’s website listing of SPI’s and let them choose their own inspector. This can be found at: <http:f/>
  • WSDA-licensed inspectors, at the very least, have passed an exam, licensed their company, and provided WSDA with proof of financial coverage.
  • Never accept an inspection report for a real estate transaction unless there is an ICN assigned to it. ICN’s must be placed in the upper third of the report’s front page and have the following format: NNNNLLNNN, where N is a number and L is a letter.
  • Put the liability where it belongs – on the inspector, not on you, your client or your broker.

If you have questions about structural pest inspections, please contact Dr. Dan Suomi at (360) 902-2044 or via email at dsuomi@aor.wa,oov.